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Some basic tactics for online bingo.

Posted by on January 7, 2013

Although most people would agree that bingo is a game purely based on chance, there are actually a few strategies that you could employ to decrease your chances of losing in order to make you one of the lucky ones in the bingo room. Famous mathematician Joseph Granville actually wrote about this subject, in order to confirm that there ARE in fact things you can do to better your chances in this classic game. The main theory is based on the fact that common numbers often pop up because the bingo balls come in a uniform distribution. He then also suggests that you can improve your odds by buying cards that have an equal amount if digits ending in 1, 2, 3 and so on. Although these are indeed good points, most people disregard them, and there are even people who say they can prove the theories wrong. However, what’s there too lose in learning these tactics just to try them out?

First of all, always go for a good bonus when you start playing bingo. You can find a lot of good bingos online at for example, which specializes in reviewing different bingo websites online.

Unless you possess supernatural abilities, there is no way you could ever predict the order in which the bingo balls will be called when the round starts. However, some rooms seem to have certain numbers that come up more often than others. Of course these are just coincidences, but by taking mental notes on which numbers comes up the often, you might want to keep them in mind when choosing your bingo cards. If you mix this strategy with buying a high amount of cards, you might very well have a good chance of winning some good money. I also recommend using guides from online bingo portals such as

A general tip in the online bingo world is to avoid the most crowded rooms. The more players there are in a room, the harder it’s going to be for you to win. A personal favorite of mine, especially if you like 75 Ball bingo, is Although the pots might be bigger, you’re chances are getting diminished, and you might end losing all your money before you’ve even had the chance to win. Pick a room with an okay level of players, and make sure to buy more cards than the average player is our recommendation.

If you are one of those people who choose to manually daub your bingo card, you should really get practicing at that. Although you always have an edge when you’re auto daubing, a lot of players think that the charm to bingo is marking your cards. However, you need to continuously practice to mark as fast as you can – you don’t want to end up missing numbers and losing prizes because of that!

Apart from the above mentioned tips, the real key to online bingo is patience. Realize that there is nothing you can do to make yourself a guaranteed winner. This game is about the luck of the draw, and that’s where the charm is!

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