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Online Casino gaming – A global success

Posted by on December 14, 2012

As online gambling started to blossom in the beginning of the century, the first two major markets were North America and Europe, in which casino gaming was already established a long time ago. Not to say that people didn’t gamble in other parts of the world, but casino games in particular had gained strong popularity, with Las Vegas and Atlantic City in North America and places like Monte Carlo and Monaco in Europe as the main casino centrals on the globe.

Sports betting, for example, have always been popular around the globe, much due to the fact that there are no limitations on what to bet on, and with different sports being popular in different parts of the world there are thousands of sports to bet on. But casino gaming have in the past been something almost exclusive to people surrounded by money and glamour, and have always been associated with fancy hotel suites, champagne and luxury.

In the beginning of 2000, however,  casino gaming took a change from all that, as online casino websites started taking over the gambling market steering the focus away from all the glamour and making it available to the regular folks, and it’s now considered to be a middle class activity rather than exclusive to the jet set.

As the popularity of online casino gaming grew, the marketing targets grew wider, and today casino games are available to pretty much every country in the world. Lately, its popularity has risen rapidly in particularly South and Central America, and with casino portals such as Gaming Casino, or for the aspiring pokerstar, where it’s easy for people to find legal and secure casinos to play at.

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