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Is Sports Betting a Hobby or a Problem?

Posted by on January 19, 2013

There is, and has always been, a debate on whether sports betting is beneficial of not for the growth of the sports industry in the United Kingdom. Although the major bookmakers in the country put in huge amounts of money to support big games and events, there is still skepticism among many people when it comes to sports betting.

People don’t seem to understand the game that is being played miles and miles away is not affected whether you gamble on the game or not. It seems that these people think that it’s a form of corruption, where the sport has become a matter of money rather than love for them game. But let’s be real, do you really think most football players are in it purely for joy, and not at all for the money? How many players would keep playing if we cut their salaries completely?

Another common argument against sports betting being is that we are risking financial problems as tons of hooked gamblers spend all their money on betting and end up in bankruptcy. This is a rather silly argument however. There are far greater threats to our economy, and the 1% of punters who could be labeled as addicted isn’t going to be an important factor. After all, according to the government, over 60% of UK residents gamble, and we are all still alive and well. Betting sports keeps growing in popularity, and lately a lot of new websites, such as, has started, giving players a great opportunity to find the best bonuses and websites online.

Furthermore, another misinterpretation is that the amount of gamblers in the country is rising. What is true is that we are more and more exposed to commercials from bookmakers, thanks to huge marketing campaigns, but in fact the number of UK gamblers has actually gone down 4%since the last report from the Gambling Commission. What’s happened is that more and more operators have started up in later years, forcing bookmakers to compete even harder for the customer base, and this is done by marketing. Most websites these days actually offer players to set their own betting limits when registering (see Apuestas Deportiva to find a list of betting sites that offers betting limits) to make it easier for players to keep their habit under control.

I don’t think that there is a need to have such extreme opinions against sports betting. On one hand it is true that bookmakers will always make profit of gamblers who lose, but on the other hand they are not forcing to you to bet. Most gamblers only play to make the game a little more exciting, and usually they don’t put too much money into a game, and if it makes them happy why not let them do it?

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