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Approaching Sports betting responsibly

Posted by on January 4, 2013

On one hand, it’s always good to be passionate about your hobbies, sports betting included, but there comes a point where we have to determine if a healthy passion is actually an obsession. Addiction can be hard to detect, especially for the person it regards.

Here is a checklist over some of the signs that indicate you have a problem:

  1. Do you bet for money that you can’t really afford to lose?
  2. Does your betting give you sleeping problems?
  3. Do you exceed the limits that you set up for gambling when you lose?
  4. Do you lie to people about your betting habits?

If you keep on winning, although you know you play too much, are you still an addict? After all, it’s possible to win even though you are an obsessive gambler, but if you win, why should you or anyone else complain about it? It’s hard to answer that questions, but here are some general advice that might be useful for you:

The first thing to realize is that when you do get a problem, you are most likely the last person to actually know about it. This is because your mind will fool you into thinking that your behavior is normal, so that it can keep getting the stimulation it gets from betting. Therefore you should always listen to your friends and your family when it comes to these things. Naturally, they will have a more objective view on you, and even though it’s easy to dismiss their opinion and think that they’re worrying too much, they probably do so for a reason. Try to always be open to what other people tells you, it’s not always easy to see and admit your own shortcomings.

If you win a lot, do not expect people being concerned with your economy. In this case people might be concerned about the fact that you spend too much time betting on sports, which is one of the first warning signs that something is wrong.

Handicappers are forced to go through a lot of statistics and information in order to be successful. After the facts have been gathered they need to browse different sportsbooks to see where they get the most value for their money. A lot of people also like to read about new strategies and systems in order to further develop their skills, and finally you want to watch some of the games you have beton so that you can follow up on your bets and the emotions they have to offer regardless of you losing or winning.

It’s easy to see how time consuming gambling can be when you read what’s written above, and this is usually when people that are close to you start noticing that you are not the same person as you used to be. All your life revolves around sports betting, meaning you barely have time for anyone anymore, which of course isn’t right. A lot of websites these days offer deposit limits for their players. You can find these sportsbooks on sites like la quiniela, including Miapuesta and Betway.

There is no need for you to dedicate your life to sports betting. If you want to get rich, there are plenty of easier paths to take, that doesn’t involve nearly as much risk. The best way to approach sports betting is to keep like any other hobby. You don’t have to bet every day of the week, instead set up one or two days where you can bet. You don’t even need to watch every game you’ve betted on, after all, it won’t have an impact of the end result anyway. Realize that there are far more important things in life than betting on sports, and these things needs to be prioritized in order for you to be happy – believe it or not.

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